Patient Times

Powerful times

Powerful times


Maybe the reason that things do not work out smoothly for you is that you do not have patience.
Not being a patient person myself has led me down this road I speak of that is filled with sharp curves, large hills and even mountains to climb  and you, the person who is not patient  never takes any easy routes because of not wanting to wait for anything in life.

And there are consequences to this impatience; finding that you may have much anxiety because of not being able to just wait your turn at anything.
So the curves keep coming with large dips and high cliffs surrounding you on your sandy, rusty colored  path.  Think carefully before you make another mistake that is costly, just because you did not want to wait.

Find challenges that shake you up; bringing on some powerful times in your life.


Love life. Life someone deeply but let the fire burn first; allowing the flame to simmer for a long time before you move to the next level of the relationship. Know that relationships need to be tended as a fire does, to keep things burning and under control. Be patient with yourself so that you can bring some soft ways to others.