Happily Flawed

Did you ever think about your flaws?

Sunny flowers are never flawed. They are perfectly beautiful

Sunny flowers are never flawed. They are perfectly beautiful

Flaws are those things about yourself that you do not want to tell people about.
And only those who get to know you can see them perfectly clear.
It may be the way you whine about things in a high-pitched voice or the way you ruminate on thoughts that just do not matter.
My favorite flaw are my tears; so many, I probably have some extra for you!
I cry at the drop of a hat; sobbing and feeling sorry for myself; sometimes feeling justified and sometimes just feeling like a baby.
Hiding tears can be a problem and it may keep you at home on days you rather be out and about.




Changing yourself
Sally said, “I am going to find some ways to change myself to be stronger emotionally, I cry too much,” and she did have too many tears.

Sally found that by taking a look around her at some of the problems others are experiencing, her sad thoughts were amazingly small and insignificant.
Memories of past events that are not too pleasant need to be kept there; in the past. Find those happy memories to talk about to others and there will only be room for tears of joy.