Life Loves’

Walking with you by the edge of the water

Walking with you by the water’s edge

When I heard someone speak on loves of a lifetime I thought, ” I never had that.” All of my loves in life left me by the wayside; struggling themselves with their own issues, claiming that I was the only one, but I was not.

Moving on…
“He was the love of my life,” is something you do not hear often because people just don’t stick it out with partners anymore. They may believe that the grass is greener or that there is something more than what they are experiencing right now and that is why they move on.

First they may move on emotionally; claiming that you are not who you used to be. Or they may move on physically first; finding someone who seems to comfort them better than you. By the time they get to a spiritual moving on, they are gone forever; discovering that there truly is someone better than you.

I haven’t a clue about why people move on and don’t stay for life as its says in the vows of marriage but promises are meant to be broken is a saying that holds true for many people.

Before I met you…

I would love to believe that this time will be different because I have found someone who meets me right at the center.

Always there for me and ready to give as much as I give.

How can it be that there is someone out there that really can love me?
I almost gave up looking before I met you so I am glad that I stuck it out to find someone who I will be with the rest of my life.

And because of your loving ways I will find out what it is like to have someone with me for the rest of my life. When one of us does pass on to greater pastures in the sky we will be grateful that finally someone stayed for the long haul.
Thank you.