Every Day


I go there every single day in the summertime
Climbing the steps of wonder

Climbing the steps of wonder


As spring approaches my desire to beach comb and feel the softness of sand between my toes increases as the days grow longer with wonderful sun shiny days and beautiful sunsets.



Focusing on my balance and strength I stumble through the large rocks and glassy green sharps. And I love the chances that I take  because I know that I am just one step from falling but also one step toward a strong center of self-love.


I take the challenge of leaving my shoes off; carrying them by my side just in case I need them but I never do put my shoes on as mom used to tell me to do. ” You take chances my dear when you glide through the stones and rocks, and you may find that the sharpness of your ways may get you in trouble.”
The blueness of the sky and the steps to nowhere but sometimes somewhere come to me in the soft breezes of summertime bliss.
And I know that you will be there too mom.
You are always there touching my shoulder, telling me that everything will be alright because we all have to go on no matter what is in front of us or behind.

The wonder of the blueness surrounds me as I climb up the steps and see a bluebird singing nearby in a tree, bouncing on the tree branch softly as if he knows how unstable he is clinging to the fragile branch.
And he sings the song of many birds, telling us that it is time to stop and smell the  red roses of life on this special day, because every day of your life is special.