Red Roses

I have the pleasure of receiving flowers from a dear friend

The flower that always seems to catch my eye are the roses; especially red roses; meant for romancing and loving.

Touching and smelling the sweetness, Dee tried to explain the feelings that surface upon receiving the beauty of a red rose.

Softness of a red rose

Softness of a red rose


And then Dee tried to explain her feelings about her new friend but she realized that there was no reason to explain because it was personal, between Dee and her new friend who gave her the flowers as a gift.




Gifting is so very important to any relationship whether it is a new one or not.

When you give someone flowers, it evokes a smile, warm embrace and perhaps a kiss.

Dee remember the last time she received  beautiful flowers and the amazing scents and colors  of loving gestures.

Who invented such a beautiful way to show love?

It must have been a romantic soul who found the importance of gifting; letting someone know you care.

Mike was honest, loving, caring and always had a smile with him, and as Dee spent more time with Mike she realized how nice everything seemed to be unfolding.

” I am ready for a loving friend who is there for me; allowing some happiness into my life. I feel good, loving and know that I am blooming like a bright red rose; slowing opening for everyone to see.”
And is that the way things are supposed to happen in life?

You stood in front of me offering your many selves

It is amazing when you just happen upon a person who wants to bring love back into your life.
It is wonderful when you find  that person who  literally stands in front of you offering you some special gifts, warm embraces and perhaps even loving moments that can be treasured and remembered with a smile.