Broken but not Shattered

I believe in fixing things

Old barns that need mending

Old barns that need mending

Finding a place where they fix broken things that need mending seem to be a thing of the past. The tailor and shoemaker are rare breeds of people living among people who rather throw things out and buy a new one.

Many people just buy something new when things fall apart such as losing a  button or two, or even a car just needs some tweaking.
Why are we so disposal?
Is it the rush of society that brings us to replacing things all the time?



Relationships needing mending
Replaceable relationships also come to mind when I think of broken ties.
Many people quitting the game much too soon, not even trying to mend their broken selves.
And why do they throw it all away?

I can tell you that it is not easier to start over again in life’s relationships but that is what we do.
I recycle everything I can; placing cardboard, plastics in containers to be reused and it makes me smile when I sit on a picnic bench that  has a tag that says, “Made with all recyclable materials.”
Maybe we should start thinking about what we are doing to things that are not recyclable like our lives.
I believe that things that are not shattered into unrecognizable pieces have a chance at being fixed; running well and smoothly one more time! When was that last time you had your watch fixed instead of buying a new one?

I am going to try my best to learn from my broken dreams where  someone else did not want to stick around to fix the relationship.

Next time I will be so fixed that no one will recognize me. I am not shattered by the things in life that have been difficult or even horrible for me to move through. I have learned from my mistakes and keep on trying my best, knowing that most things can be repaired.