Looking back for a moment

Tears ran down Dee’s face as she moved toward her husband Jacob.

Spring brings on new light

Spring brings on new light

Jacob too was crying and broken but relentless in his move toward moving on.



Dee felt strongly that she had worked hard at making things better for her marriage but it just was like forcing a square block into a round hole, not fitting and  forcing it made it worse.


There were a lot of tears during the last months moving toward eventual breakup where the puzzling pieces never fitting together but  came to a silence that was good.

The pieces falling like Dee’s pearls fell to the ground as she grabbed them, not wanting to wear them any longer.
Dee wondered why all of this  happened  to her and Jacob as she felt the pearls around her neck drop to the ground and as she watched them scatter across the black pavement she realized that they were now gone forever as her marriage was.
 I will never know what happened to us, said Dee to Jacob,  but I do know that I have to put it behind me and remember that it is not as important to know what happened as it is to move on; learning from mistakes as you put together the pieces of love that scattered throughout the years like precious pearls dropping one by one.

Move forward today, not looking too much at the past. You can gaze at it for a few moments if you need to but keep it tucked away in your past so that your present moments are filled with color.