Your Soul Mate Enters

We are not destined to be alone as some of us  may believe; as humans we need the company of others on our path. We all need someone to hold dear, someone to give to, love and cherish.


I have to admit that I have been searching for a long time; looking for my soul mate.
And you may giggle or even laugh when you hear me say that I am looking for that special person, but I don’t care what you think about my quest.


Gloria’s Quest toward loving moments
“I thought I saw you years ago my dear soul mate, ” said Gloria as she tucked herself into bed remembering those times when everything seemed perfect; soft love, kindness, a warm hug and closeness were hers in youth.
Gloria had believed in her youth that she was with her soul mate; you know that person who is here on this earth only for you.
And we know that soul mates do exist in life because you see those older people who have been together for 60 or even 70 years who still hold hands, kiss and hug each other.
Do you believe you are with your soul mate?
Or are you still looking for that special person to appear; knowing that you will immediately feel the presence of the right one.

It is good to be a romantic it helps you to feel good in your mind, body and soul.