When I met you

When I met you I knew you were the one

one and only

one and only

You were someone who would be with me down the road of life in some capacity. I was not sure why, how or when we would be going together but as our paths come together  I know for some unknown reason, they would merge at some point.


I cannot believe how much things connect with the 2 of us; moving toward each other without rhyme or reason but feeling soft, calm and ready for this connection.
The word why? is not on my mind anymore because I do believe that things just fall into place at times in your life but because I have had so very many mishaps,I linger on when will this too end?

But my soul keeps my mind in check, allowing only 1 negative moment to fill me each day about my new loving friend. The rest of my 8 thoughts have to be positive every single time I bring up something that is not optimistic, loving and caring.

You took me by surprise, an instant connection that may or my not be loving but it is good.

Surround yourself with loving people today who make you smile, laugh and giggle.

Know that things do not always turn into romantic love.

Sometimes a good friend may be just what you need in this moment.