Someone nice

Be that nice person for others today

Dory said, ” Can you believe it, he sent me flowers again. This time sunny ones with oranges and yellows; full of sunflowers and daisies. I am so excited receiving them. I must send a thank you card.”

And as Dory went on her day with a smile, she passed along this energy to everyone she met; knowing that she wanted to pass along this positive and optimistic view that she had received this morning.

Do you pass along your moods?
I have the tendency to hide out when my mood is not where I want it to be; coming out when I am feeling better to give hugs and gifts to others. Maybe I should focus on turning myself around when out of sorts, perhaps giving myself some flowers to add to my day, and after gazing at them, giving them to someone who needs them more than I do.

Be cautious today about what you are passing along, and if it is a frown, turn it around to a smile.

Be aware that you come first.

You need to be soft, loving and kind to others to receive this gift back.

Because everything in life is a gift. A warm smile, flowers, hugs and kisses are all gifts to give and receive.

Looking at your reflection

Look at your reflection. What do you see?