Getting it right

I thought after years of practicing something you would become an expert, but not at everything

I could not believe that when I went Cross Country Skiing recently that I did well; not perfect by any means but I remembered how to ski even though it has been over 30 years. Just like a bike, or perhaps even a horse, you get right back up there and dance!

Dancing purples and yellows can bring on a smile to your mate. Bring them flowers

Dancing purples and yellows can bring on a smile to your mate. Bring them flowers


For love it has been different for me.

I stayed in many relationships too long or did not give it my all for some, but I  did try.

And here I am again; trying to get it right for another round  and perhaps finding a partner who will love me as much as I love them.



Sharing the good and bad times

“He did me wrong.  She wasn’t there for me.” Are you tired of hearing people’s stories?

I believe that, “Yes someone did something wrong, but everyone contributes to the endings of partnerships.” Even in business if you don’t get along with your partner things are never the way they should be.

Finding something special

This time around if you are looking for love, remember that you have to treasure the relationship; gifting, loving and caring brings this circling of love back to you.

You cannot just find something special. Love has to be nurtured; taken care of like your garden; feeding it, watering, taking out the weeds helps your garden to have beautiful flowers.

Bring someone flowers

Bring someone flowers

If you have a love right now, get to tending to your relationship; bringing smiles, hugs, kisses and comfort to your partner.