Be Mindful Today

Being mindful of the colors of winter

Being mindful of the colors of winter

Be mindful of everything around you; turning off that TV and listening to the silence in your home for a moment.
Be mindful when you go out today of nature; the fallen snow, crisp breezes and birds who are still here singing their peaceful songs of loving life in the cold.
Finally, be open and mindful of your breath. Find that place in your heart where you can breathe in love and peace; breathing out a peaceful moment that you send to others on your path.


Be Mindful of everything

You are aware of the colors of winter and their strong ways; coming at you in browns, golden colors along with deep blues and purples.

Those colors may not be filled with the brightness of a summer day filled with yellow, purples and greens but colors no matter how they simmer in your mind’s eye¬†can bring on warmth and pleasure to your day.

Gaze at the wonders of nature today; taking that walk whether it is cold or warm; allowing yourself this time of peaceful awakenings that bring on a center and balance to your being.

Take these slow breaths with you today; reminding yourself to slow down and be amazed by everything in life.

And if you feel cold today, make your own warmth with some vigor in your step; walking at a fast pace with a friend who needs to learn mindfulness too!