Climbing the steps toward believing

Climbing the steps toward believing

Sometimes when the weather pattern changes and we have warmer weather in the winter, it is much different than when we are in the middle of summer with a colder day.
During winter months even the expectation of a warm day can bring people outdoors from everywhere. They come out in summer clothing; no jackets; playing basketball in their driveways or running down the street in their gym clothes.

And as I take my third walk on this 50 degree weather day as the frosty ways are supposed to be here, I say, “Yes, this one is for me, I will take a ride on my bicycle on the last day of January.”

I did take that bike ride and later on before dusk I took another walk just to see if I could drain just a little more heat out of the day.

Gloria’s Walk in the warmth of winter

As Gloria walked, dusk was settling down into a peaceful end of the day. An unusually warm day in January. “January thaw,” she whispered to herself as she put on one of her blue gloves because she knew the chill would come soon but to her amazement she felt a cold blast of air pass her by, not a breeze but an icy frost of air.

Places in heart center

“If I were a spiritual soul I would think that it was mom telling me she was nearby,” Gloria thought as she put on her other glove and walked through the church parking lot. “Maybe it is spirit,” she thought. It is a holy day with spiritual ground nearby. If spirits were passing through this would be a good place to come; places where there would be someone who would believe.”

Gloria took a deep breath to slow herself down as she saw darkness coming; thinking about spirit as she walked back home.