Still Waves

Watch and you will see still waves forming in the lake as winter takes over

Frozen stillness

Frozen stillness

Those waves are there for you to realize that you must be still sometimes to feel grounded and in harmony. When the lake slowly freezes; holding in its glory for spring, we too hold still for a moment, capturing time stopping.

The stillness of the lake and its wonderful blue and white waves form around you and if you are a person who loves challenges you go to that spot where everything is still either physically or in meditation with your soulful waves of energy.


And this is the time that you want aloneness so that you can capture your own still moment where everything just is. You struggle against yourself; believing that constant activity and distraction will make you feel better but it is just the opposite. You need to be still in order to see the direction that you need for health in mind, body and soul.

Be still

Wonder; capturing your moments as you gaze at the wonders of nature and its seasonal changes. Be mindful of your next step; the one that brings you closer to being calm, centered, balanced with life and what will unfold. Not angry or troubled; not struggling in the moment, just being one in this moment where stillness helps you to see your own truth.

Love yourself

Allow yourself to feel your internal love. Search for your soul and tell yourself how important it is to just let go and be still for this moment in time so that you can gather your best, loving and caring way; passing it along to the next person you encounter. When you put yourself first; finding ways to heal, you become ready to help others.