Purposeful Aging

She took a long look at herself in the mirror and noticed that she was aging; seeing those fine lines on her forehead along with the lasting smile lines that she wore with grace. She felt young but knew that time was passing by and Dory needed to begin living each moment to capture every detail of life.

Dancing purples and yellows of spring

Dancing purples and yellows of spring

“Where has the time gone to?” said Dory as she walk down her street bundled in many clothes to protect her from the frigid weather. Pink was her color even as a child; wearing a pink hood with faux brown fur and a long brown coat and a fluffy black scarf tied tightly around her neck.
” And this walk that I take every day of my life sheds me of all the stress I encounter throughout the day; blowing everything away; cleansing me of things that are bothering me today.”

And every day is a mystery; finding peace in only the softness of fresh fallen white and gray snow as Dory’s feet crunched along through the snow with her brown rubber boots that  reached her knees. Her entire body was covered like armor; protecting her from frigid moments in time that seem to stop her from moving as fast as she usually did.

Summer walks
In the summertime of your life, do not forget that it ends; bringing on those restless fall days with colorful brown, orange and red leaves to gaze at in wonder.

Winter stillness

When winter comes, know that it will not last even though it feels like forever because before you know it those precious yellow and pink flowers begin to bloom in your life because life is like the seasons.

Unfold gracefully
You unfold as you get older, and those aging years are so important to your life. Do not discount the time that you have when you are older. Make your time purposeful; guiding you to explore.

Be creative and wise as you walk into aging.