Time for you

When Gloria was young she did a lot for her family which left  little time for herself.

As I age, I find myself playing the piano again, bringing back some youthful memories

As I age, I find myself playing the piano again, bringing back some youthful memories

She did take care of herself physically and spiritually with exercising and soulful readings but the emotional and mental agendas of health needed some work.
Toughening up as Gloria called it was a hard task  and she continued with her soft ways throughout life; giving, giving, giving, but not receiving much in return. And that did not seem to bother Gloria because she was so very kind, gentle and loving.








Aging and time for you
Gloria’s softness and vulnerability seemed to catch up to her in later years with much alone time which seemed to bring on some sadness into her life.

Children grow up, people change and move on, and Gloria’s life slowed down as she did.
Usually joyful and bouncy, Gloria purposefulness seemed to whiter like a great red rose that saw its time.
Because I love Gloria so very much, I decided in my later years to look at life differently.

Today I am surrounded by many older people as I look around; there are so very many of us aging at the same time!

They call us the baby boomers; a glut of older adults in the community who are looking for meaningful things to do.

I try to thrive in the slowness of time passing me by. Now having plenty of time; I write, walk, blog, paint and spend many hours  of social times with others, and this seems to quell the alone times for now. Making new friends down my path in life and connecting with old friends is another task in my life; calling on people I have not seen in quite some time.

Aging seems to be a slow process that catches up to you

What needs to happen in the golden years is to  have meaningful things to do along with great challenges that inspire you to go on. I believe that volunteering fits that category for many older adults.
I have to challenge myself these days with some powerful readings that help me to ponder more on life along with joining a group or 2 that focus on figuring things out in life.
You too should find some challenging things to do in your later years; aging is a powerful and good time if you allow it to be filled with things to do that fit you well.