My Country Song

When you are weary, down and out, you should write it down, and some people like my sister, Kara believe that you should write a country song when you need one.

I am soft yet strong

I am soft yet strong

I am the Soft one
Yes, times were rough when I was a child.

Some who knew me would say that I had it easier than they did and I am just too soft.

“Toughen up, said dad as I walked out the door, your sister has already crossed the country, she made it, so can you.”

And when my first child was born and I held him closely in my arms; feeling like a child myself, and I was, I knew I had to be strong.

I raised him strong as the  blue and white lake waves pushing against the tumbling, cracking and cold concrete that knocked down many a boat house and dock behind my family lake house.

I always stayed in my small  town, holding on to yet another child in my twenties; knowing that this one would be strong too, but in different ways.

Both sons grew up stronger than I, you know me,  I am the soft one.

Years later I had 2 more children, strong and steady my girls stood and still do; unwavering in their tracks as they move on in life.

One calls me the warrior; giving me a plaque that says so.

And I remain the soft one as my eyes fill with tears on so many occasions; good times and bad times I cry and let others know that I am soft yet strong and unyielding.

Another transition comes to my life and I feel broken right now but the pieces always seem to fall back into place because I am soft and flexible. I stand strong  like a warrior but my softness shines through.

I am the soft one…