I am already there

I keep thinking that I have adventures to complete;   “miles to go before I rest,” as Robert Frost would say in his great poetry, but the truth is, I am there and just do not feel it. I have had good, bad and not so good things happen to me, and if I concentrate on the positive moments in life, clarity surrounds me.

Gaze at the wonders of life

Gazing  at the simple wonders of life

You too may have many accomplishments in life that  have been put away on the back burner because you concentrate only on what goes wrong instead of what goes right in life.
Yes, I do have many things that I want to do before I rest; traveling down the path of life on some spontaneously wonderful trip with no where in mind with adventures leading to somewhere special or not.





Keeping  those little things special
“And everything truly is special in life,” said Gloria as she rolled some dough to bake pizza. I can still see her shining brown eyes sparkling with a smile and a warm embrace for me.

“When you begin to savor some of those little things like a wonderful sunset or a walk on the beach, then you know what really matters in life.”

Get back to that place in your heart center where you know that you are where you are supposed to be right now in this moment.

Take some time to write down some of those pleasant happenings that have brought a wondrous smile to your face. Be with those people who always give you a warm, hugging greeting every single time you meet.