When will you stop taking it personally?

A long time ago, I took things that people said to me personally.

When I looked at things in life, it all seemed black and white to me but it was full of blues and greens

When I looked at things in life, it all seemed black and white to me but it was full of blues and greens

I  thought that everyone was correct in their negative  interpretation of me  and I struggled for many years trying to fix myself so that I was better at not taking everything to heart.

My heart center was filled with negative moments; internalizing what others said and placing them into my center to stay dark and sad. This brought on much imbalance into my life. I felt like I was ready to tip over and at that moment I realized that I had to change if I wanted to get my balance and strength back.


I thought it was all about my emotions because I cried a lot, but now I come to realize that it is about my soul. I took everything personally because I would not allow my soul to take over and rise above me to tell my story of how truly loving and kind I am.

My spirit needs to show me how to just be, and I would not allow it to flourish on its own; stuffing my true feelings about myself and others deep down past my heart center to my toes which would put my entire mind, body and soul into  a spin.

I wanted to be free of thinking that everything was about me, and it took many years to learn the lessons I needed to learn in order to finally realize that I need to stop taking everything that others say as a personal attack on me.

“No one should believe that everything is about them I would say to myself. You cannot read someone else’s mind and then make your own interpretation of what you think they mean. You have to ask them what they mean.”

Asking was my biggest problem. I would never ask anyone what they really meant when they said something. I would just go on auto pilot and believe much negativity about myself and how they felt about me.

I had to put a stop to this constant internalizing before it ruined all of my relationships so I had to first realize that it was not about others, it was all about how I saw things and my perspective was off most of the time; trapped in a sea of negativity because I thought that too many bad things had come to me in my life, and it never seemed to change for me.

These negative moments had to end. I finally became aware that it was me not others, and from that point forward I worked on asking questions of others so that it was very clear to me what was expected. This helped me a great deal in life, a good lesson that I will never forget.


Today, I have done it, I  have finally stopped taking everything personally.

We all seem to struggle with internalizing what others say, but maybe its time  to take a deeper look at yourself; finding that everything negative that is happening to you is not happening because of you, it just is.

And believe it or not there is equality in good and bad. It may feel like you have an imbalance of more bad things, but the truth is that there will also be good things coming your way.