Not Alone

Working on mind, body and soulful ways to like being alone with myself

I have tried my best to work on myself in mind, body and spirit, and being alone is a difficulty for me and a personal goal for some time. I developed a goal statement. ” I will enjoy being alone with my many selves; finding that I like my alone time,”  but nothing seems to work except when I am not alone.

Being alone at the beach is not so bad. It helps me to think about staying in the present moment

Being alone at the beach is not so bad. It helps me to think about staying in the present moment

So I decided that alone time may be  good for everyone except me.
I have needs that include being around people.

It does not seem that everyone feels this way, but I do so I seek out activities and solid time slots to spend with others.
One of the slots is church where I get to meet with God and new people; running into others who I may have not seen for many years and this time is my “I am not alone time.” And I listen to many authors who make statements about how much people should enjoy alone time; deepening that personal and meaningful self and developing insight into who you are.


The I  ruminate on how I may need to be alone and I am just not ready to feel the bliss of it yet.
So I now schedule alone time; silent time during my day to write, read, meditate and paint.
This schedule has helped me to deal with the times that seem empty and without activity but I still feel alone and perhaps even empty inside of my soul.
And I keep my positive attitude by saying to myself daily, ” I am not alone, the empty times are  just moments  that are there because I am restless or feeling bored.”


Walking has probably helped me the most with my alone time because I can think; hearing the waves of the lake as I walk and meet people along the way. This has become the best way I know to heal myself from those empty alone times that seem to pull me down a notch into the negative side of my thoughts and feelings, but I pick myself up and move along my path with an internal reminder that this is the present moment in time where I do not have to think about anything but breathing in and breathing out.