Lost and Found

Finding moments

It seems that during the holidays I run into friends from my past, and then I remember that today is my Nana’s birthday. It has been a long time since her death but this day, December 18th is a sacred one for me; knowing that Nana is still clearly in my memory brings on a smile so strong is this moment, it is like it is in the present.

I was a little girl sitting on Nana’s bed waiting for her to reach into her chest and pull out a Hershey treat for me. Then I swing back to the present and I move toward staying balanced today, in this moment.

Seeing Nana is just around the corner of my mind and soul on her birthday today

Seeing Nana is just around the corner of my mind and soul on her birthday today



Yesterday I saw Joyce a friend from my recent past who I confided in often as she did me. Why we hadn’t seen each other in quite some time was a mystery to both of us as we giggled sitting in a local hair salon while she waited. I said, ” I have not seen you in so long, I will wait with you for your appointment and we will talk and laugh. Just what I need today is to see you.”

Seeing Joyce pull up right next to me in her car a few minutes before brought me back to a few years ago when I was in the midst of some great losses of heart and soul.

I knew it was Joyce right away because she like me always walked straight as an arrow; both nurses concerned about posture issues and saving ourselves from the dreaded hunched back sway that many people get as they age.
And what were we concerned about on this holiday season?
We talked about family, losses and gains throughout the 2 years we had not seen each other. There were many losses we both thought but we also had some gains and pleasures that kept us both moving  toward the future and where we would meet again.
I said I knew her phone number; having it committed to my memory as I spoke it out loud and we both laughed because memorizing phone numbers is a thing of the past that both of us still enjoy.

Find pleasure in the moments that you find with good friends, and try not to lose touch. Find those pleasurable moments right now with someone you care about.