Still Blooms

Angels Soaring in a yellow flower

As winter approaches the colorful flowers disappear as do the birds except for the hardy black birds and  singing gulls who stay no matter what the weather.

An angel in the center of this bright yellow flower

An angel in the center of this bright yellow flower

We too have the hardiness of mind, body and spirit to be able to ride through the colder weather; bundling up with warm scarfs, hats and gloves. We feel the chill at first; shivering as the frosty weather surrounds us but then getting used to its waves of powerful storms and winds that chill.

And when the wind circles around us, clearing out the debris left from a beautiful autumn past, we smile knowing that this colder weather too shall pass. It may seem like a long winter’s night but winter does eventually turn into a beautiful and color spring with its bright greens, purples and pinks.

Still blooming
When you see a yellow and purple flower still blooming you know that it is called a hardy winter flower with its strong and sturdy green waves of energy riding out the many storms of life.

You have to take a picture of this wonderful and colorful flower to put in your mind’s eye, bringing it out when the chill of winter is in the air and you feel the crunching under your boots letting you know that the ground is frozen and unable to allow those budding green, yellow and golden colored plants to come through for you today.

So savor the moments of a warm day that Mother Nature decided to give you in the midst of  winter’s approach.