Time Changes Everything

“Dee it is time to get up! ” said Nana in her high pitched raspy voice that woke up everyone including some neighbors and dogs.

Each stones tells a colorful and unique story of time

Each stones tells a colorful and unique story of time


As Dee slowly raised herself from the bed; stretching her arms to the sky she yawned loudly so that  Nana knew she was awake. Nana puttered loudly in the kitchen making some toast and putting out the bowls for cereal. She loved raisin toast and hot, black coffee.

Nana had a round, stout body and she always wore an apron.

She wore  house dresses with yellow and blue flowers and she always wore nylons with those black lines up the back so that you had to line them up. I can still see her looking back at her sturdy and large legs to see if  the line was straight; only then would she roll up the garter above her knees.

Breakfast for Dee was a fast bowl of Rice Crispies.



Dee liked how Rise Crispies floated on top and they would never sink down into the bowl as other cereal did.

Those silly moments of time passing by were  inside of Dee as she grew up strong and sturdy like Nana.

And Nana did have an edge of indifference with how people felt about her that Dee tried her best to emulate but time made Dee a softer person with strong branches that seemed to reach out to everyone on her path; softly hugging and squeezing her children and friends.

Time builds you or breaks you down

You become strong if you stay focused and steady; balancing and loving yourself.

This self-confidence needs tending; often doing challenging things that you have to have courage to do.

Think  about what your next step should be to bring about a stronger mind, body and soul. There is time to build a new you; one that has shoulders back, head straight ahead, ready for anything that life brings you.

And life will bring you many things that are both good and bad.

Find good even in the bad things that come your way with a strong body and soul.

Allow your soulful ways to touch others; gaining strength with their help and guidance.

Dance when you feel it in your soul; hearing the music in your head that wakes you up with a smile.

Walk in a mindful way discovering yourself in a peaceful and loving way.

Be kind to others but also to yourself; finding strength and confidence.

Float on top of your edge in life; seeing things below and above you that can help bring you peace, confidence and loving waves of energy to keep you moving strong and steady.