Wouldn’t Life Be Grand?

Wouldn’t life be grand if everything happened in perfect ways?

perfectly still

perfectly still

We knew exactly what we wanted, put it into our wish list and it came true.
Everything we ever wanted in life was right at our fingertips waiting for us to unwrap the gift; everything was there, all we had to do was choose which present to open. Do we take the shiny one with the red ribbon, or the gold and silver present with the foil wrap? And then you think that it does not really matter which gift you take first because they are all yours.

In  your dream world, life is grand

Wouldn’t it be grand if there were no calories in the most creamy chocolate ice cream that you can imagine, and you would never gain weight no matter how much you ate? Eating the ice cream would  make you smile so gently as you slowly ate as much as you wanted.



Right in front of you

And when you think about it, it is all there right in front of you but you do not recognize it. Maybe you are too busy thinking that you are going to fail, or you are distracted by something on your path that is taking up too much energy and time.

Right now, it is your time to make things happen for you instead of pretending that you have no control.

Of course there are some things in life that we really do not have control over, and if it is the ice cream you better not have too much of it in your home!

Moving away or moving toward what we want and need

Is it because you want  something so much that  it moves away from you instead of moving toward you?

I guess we tell ourselves not to be realistic in life, reaching for the stars and then when bad things happen we wonder why.

But there will always be bad to balance off the good in life. Life would be boring without both; the yin and the yang of life needs to be there to complete the balance.

Even when life feels lopsided; no center today, without a balance, stay focused on what you need to do in order to get through the day.

Know that every day will be different yet the same.

Every moment will change like the wind; stopping, growing stronger, growing milder.

Find some balancing way to begin the struggle, slow it down and then end it because everything in life has endings too.