Things that can be fixed

Gloria always believed in fixing things in life. As a child she would bandage her dolls; keeping them looking fine.

Holiday time may be a good time to fix some things in life

Holiday time may be a good time to fix some things in life

One day Gloria said, “I cannot fix my tiny tears doll. One of her eyes is always open and one closed.” Gloria took some clear tape to hold open the winking eye but it did not last long. The tape was a fix that could not be permanent.
“Poor tiny tears, ” said Gloria as she placed the little doll into her cradle; rolling her around outdoors down the street in the sunshine.

As Gloria grew, she began to realize that there were  things in life that could not be repaired.

Relationships were one of the things she felt troubled about most of her life, and finding a perfect life without any struggles was not possible she thought. “Is it because I did not work hard enough trying to fix my marriage, or did I try too hard?” She remembered the Goldie Locks story as she reminisced on her many difficulties; not too hard and not too soft were those bear beds! But maybe it is the balance in life that needs adjustment, not finding perfect ways.

You cannot have everything you want in life. Believe it or not, things unfold in many different ways; some easy and some not so easy to struggle through.

And we need this struggle in life to learn lessons on how to do things better the next time.