There is much beauty in the world

Winter presents with bare trees but look deeply into its golden ways

Winter presents with bare trees but look deeply into its golden ways seeing hints of oranges and greens












You can walk outdoors and look at everything or go inside your mind to visualize colorful scenes of calmness, peace and harmony.
When you want some balance in life all you have to do is simmer up something inside of yourself that helps you with a stillness that you can find any time there is need.

Looking at Yourself and others in Glorious Ways

Gloria said in a soft voice, “And when I look at you I see beauty. People in my life with soft ways, smiles and hugs help me to feel good inside when I have sad moments.”

Gloria loved her life; the softness of all of her children kept her in love with life and its glory.

Gloria’s friends kept her busy with life; finding challenging things to do.

In the later years we all need to  keep a sense of beauty; becoming more powerful in our spiritual ways. Knowing that time is limited and you have to squeeze the many things in life that you need to do may give you some drive to be fearless.


When I look inside, I do not always see beauty because  there are tears and sadness, but I know beauty is there and I am touched by this love from nature, children and friends.

It may be difficult to see through the fog of life, but it is there; beautiful scenes, loving waves of energy passing your way.

Then you are able to pass love to others in need.

See beauty every day, even in sad times there is some light shining through to help you see the way toward your next step. Do not struggle too much today; taking things calmly through some meditative ways.

Find a place in your heart to keep those soft people; closing your eyes and visualizing their presence.

Know that you are blessed today and every day; taking your next breath of life is an honor and you are grateful.