New Things

Why do we resist?

Rolls of cement; circling and protecting from the rough waters of winter

Rolls of cement; circling and protecting from the rough waters of winter











Challenges in life

New things can be good.
We all know that there is good in everything that happens, even those times in life that seem very challenging can become lessons learned well.

I challenge myself to find things that are different. On my almost daily walks on the beach I take pictures of rough edged things that capture my mind, body and soul.

When I look back at my photos I am glad that I took that special one because you never know which one will be the picture you want to share.

Visions and snapshots of life

Find your picture and work at creating an almost perfect and energizing way about  you to challenge and guide you.

Take a snapshot; visualizing in your mind what it is that you want to do. Bring clear pictures into your mind’s eye to save for times you need to smile and say, “Yes, that is exactly what I want to do.”

I picture sandy white beaches scattered with sparkling and colorful glass that has been worn down by nature.

I picture myself walking barefoot through those sandy lake waves; dodging the stones and the sharp edges and climbing strong across large rocks that have gathered together by the pushing of the lake on stormy days and the long months of winter ice.

You too may  feel that weathered way because you have tried many different things in life that you feel may or may not have been successful.

You are the one  who needs to take the next step toward internal development of your spirit; rising above yourself and seeing what the next step in life should be.

Is it a challenging event like starting a new job? Or perhaps you have a creative idea that you want to follow through on.

Whatever it is that you are full of passion about, do it. The worse thing in life is to say that you wanted to do something but just could net get to that first step.

Life is fast moving and challenging.

Get on with it.