Shadows, Darkness and Light

It was at my grandma’s funeral that I first learned about darkness and light. I discovered that there is an in-between called a shadow that seems to hover nearby finding you when you need it. It becomes your own personal shadow; you know the one that follows you throughout life; allowing you some peace even in times of darkness.

You can feel it right now if you take the time in meditation or prayer where you find that centered moment with your breath. And you breath in and out very slowly; telling yourself softly that you will stay in this moment because it is the only one you have right now.

See shadows in everything you look at; the black and white of living life well

See shadows in everything you look at; the black and white of living life well

Gloria’s Love of all seasons

“If only I had known what I know now, I would have done things differently,” said Gloria as she stood by the window watching the windy day sweeping all the bad away. It seems that winter is a cleansing time; moving from the crispy and cinnamon days to the almost sterile scent of the coldness.





Gloria knew that wishing for better times was not a good thing to do so she switch her negative moment to a more positive one as she dressed warmly to go out into the windy day; covered from head to foot with a brown hat, black wooly, plaid scarf and a long brown coat almost to her ankles.

Gloria loved all seasons even winter with its risky waves of frozen winds that send you moving on your way as if someone was pushing you down the road with the gusts of shivering rains and ice.

Today was cold and sunny; the perfect combination for a winter walk.

Meditative Walking

The walk seemed to cure just about any bad thought in Gloria’s mind’s eye; even those thoughts of shadow days with darkness moving in and out; they too hold their beauty and also some sorrow. ” I love to take pictures of shadows; feeling the spirit come out of me as I capture my own shadow.”

And in the darkness of the shadow there is some light that glimmers through for you to see and keep dear to your heart center.

Every dark day has a meaningful experience for you with its light of day shining though for you.

Even on your darkest day in life you can find a little balance, harmony and love in them.

The people who are the closest to you will help you find your way to a place in life where you know you will still have some shadows, but more and more lighted days that can glimmer; allowing you a smile and some self- love.

Go with the day; finding some shadows, some darkness and some light because you need all 3 to get through; finding your center and balancing yourself in mind, body and spirit.