Memories in the Attic

Sally pulled down the stairs carefully as she had pinched her fingers the last time she went into the attic with its ladder step.

Treasured moments in the attic of life

Treasured moments in the attic of life

The step needed a gentle tug to pull it down, and it seemed to lower itself straight down to the floor if done with a gentle pull of the rope.








Sally went up into the attic on rare occasion such as the holidays to gather shiny things that would glimmer her home. She used to love to decorate her home but recently due to living on her own for the first time in many years, the holiday season was not much fun.
For Sally, sad times accumulated in the attic with pictures of the past; childhood memories and lost loves of her youth.

She put those memories there in the attic when she moved to a tiny house near the lake. She wanted the memories safe but did not want to look at the past; staying in the present moment was where she wanted to be. Being present is helpful; guiding you toward a balance and center that brings on silence and peace.
Sally hesitated to go into the attic but it was holiday time and she needed to look for decorations so she put on her best intentions in mind, body and spirit; climbing up the steps that held good and bad memories; adjusting her mindset so she had a clear head and a positive thought of the things she would find. “Maybe there will be some things up in the attic from time past. People have been known to leave things behind when they move.”


And in the rafters, Sally did find an old table with chairs, shiny dance clothing for a child with pretty bows and glittering, blue material ready on a roll; costume material for a dance recital. Sally remembered her own girls recitals and how excited they were to dance around in fancy, shiny costumes. A smile came to her face as she left the roll of blue glittered material on the floor of the attic and envisioned her children dancing in the attic; spinning around without a care. Sally could still hear the smiles, giggles and laughing voices of her children as if it was in the present moment.
The rafters were covered with some insulation  but most of it was drooping down, showing the age of the old house she lived in for the past few months. Sally chose this house carefully because it was so peaceful and tranquil; near the lake where she had grown up. She had lived near here before and wanted to move back into a place she felt safe. “Maybe this attic could be a safe haven for me instead of a dusty place of resting memories.” Sally thought about good and bad memories for a moment as she dusted off an old chair; sitting quietly in the attic hearing the wind circling around from above.



Now she knew why she heard some squeaky noises from below at night. The wind seemed to gather around circling across near the vents and pushing at the rafters. Knowing where the squeaky noises came from was a helpful to Sally since she now lived alone and needed validation at times that she was safe. Or maybe the noises were some friendly ghost passing through the rafters saying hello to Sally, or the previous owner of the home in spirit; letting Sally know she was there to help.
“I thought that aging was a good thing and I would begin to travel across the country without a care in the world but now I don’t really want to travel and I am not sure where I should be.”

Attic moments helped Sally bring on some clarity to her life; knowing that many times in life you do not know where your next step will be, and that is just the way it is.

Be still in  your attic moments wherever they are.

Find some peacefulness in listening to your heart center to find direction in your older years.

Peacefulness, silence and harmony can come into your life when you try your best to find your place in life.

Meaningful tasks will appear before you allowing you to help others on their path toward wellness in mind, body and spirit.