Listening to nature

Fall brings on its colorful waves of energy

Fall brings on its colorful waves of energy

As I walk, I listen to the leaves dropping their crunchy ways as they tap me on the shoulder. Yesterday a brown and gold crunchy leaf dropped directly on the top of my head, staying there until I scraped it off. It made me smile thinking how funny I would look if I left it there. You hear the sounds if you carefully listen to the seasonal changes; the scattering of the leaves, the smells so soft like cinnamon and cloves.

You have the ability to calm yourself with the present moments of what you see as trees turn to yellow and then a brownish tone before they drop softly or not so softly to the earth telling us winter approaches.

As winter approaches find some ways to tell and listen to stories; keeping you warm by the fireplace as you sit quietly, not wanting to go out in some of the approaching stormy weather.


Listening to others

Listen quietly when you want to learn about others. Interesting thoughts and feelings come out as you remember many told stories as clearly as your own.
I love to listen to good stories of the past from others. It is like living again with the person; understanding their perspective on life’s adventures.
And if you listen very carefully you can hear the sounds of a silent wave of energy passing from each other which holds a message of love, kindness and harmony.

Listening is like  a musical tune; back and forth the pendulum swings letting you feel, hear and touch another person as you intently listen to their animate ways as they swing their arms, smile and laugh at the stories they tell.
When it is your turn to tell your story, make it a grand one that your listener will remember from time to time; knowing very well that it came from you.