Shining through

I caught a glimpse of the sun today; a bright, white circle lighting the way to a beautiful and sunny day.  I was near the lake once again, walking past my childhood home, looking closely to see if anything had changed.

I gazed at the ladder above the cliff that I used to sit on, swinging my legs gently back and forth as I stared at the lake, casting some flat, black slate, wondering if It would reach the water.

We used a ladder to climb down the cliff that had a large rusty chain holding it tightly to a sturdy pole above. That is gone now along with the steel pole that held the chain that dangled and made loud noises at night when the wind was strong.

Those who live there now use a pool ladder to guide them down to the beach. I see the new people on occasion; they too had small children when they moved into my childhood home. Now their children are grown and  I saw one of them sitting in the middle of their front yard last week, near a tiny tree that I often sat by. The tree always had soft white and pink flowers with a white bark, rough but smooth in some areas of its sturdy bark.

A perfect circle of life

A perfect circle of life


Those early morning sunrises capture your inner soul and you become grateful that you are here today in this moment in time.

It brings a balance to your life when you look at things from a different perspective. The now is a good place to start; bringing in some of the past moments but leaving them there to just be.

And what does the future hold for us in this moment? The future becomes the same moment as the past except for bringing in the unknown.

Today it is time to focus on the present moment and stay there.