Now is the time to make those changes you need to make

Stop procrastinating on what you need to do and begin right now…

Be like a pod bursting open to see the world

Be like a pod bursting open to see the world

You have to motivate yourself; taking the first step toward those challenging events in your life. You will find that everything become clearly focused as you move toward your many goals and the bucket list events.

Time is passing you by and you know that now is the time for all those happy and joyful events that you have been planning for.

Be open to new things and stop hindering your progress each day with putting things off until tomorrow.


Open yourself in mind, body and spirit

Find that special way about you; a confident you  that  focuses on new and old visions that you thought would never come true.

Now those visions of joy  are here before you if waiting for your first step, and you smile thinking about them.

Open yourself to new ideas and creative moments where you succeed and sometimes fail, but you tried. Do your best at all that you do so that you can look back and smile.

Take someone along with you to experience some new things in life’s adventures; taking a long walk on the beach or a long ride through the countryside where the ducks line up in the street ever so slowly just to cross before your eyes.

Stop missing those things in life that you promised yourself you would savor, and take these  stories to your grandkids so they will have memories of stopping by a country store in the middle of nowhere; understanding that the simple things in life are the most important.