Looking back with love

By the lake with its loving waves and wondrous horizon

By the lake with its loving waves and wondrous horizon

A memory flashed through my mind as I took my daily walk. It was a good memory of mom calling me honey and sending me off to mail a letter for her. I walked up the long driveway, carefully crossing the street and mailing the letter.
I honor this look back at love as a small gift of helping mom get her letter posted.  A simple task that I thought was lost as a memory due to its insignificance but it was to be remembered today.

When I returned to mom’s home that day, we talked, I played the piano for her as she requested some favorite tunes such as A time for love.


As I move through today, I gaze at other past memories; over and over again I find myself near the lake  to take pictures of time past; remembering all the times I walked the same path.

Yesterday is not a place to stay long because it needs to stay there. Today is good and kind; unfolding with colorful fall harvest colors of oranges and yellows mixed with the darker shades of browns and grays.
Taking a glimpse of tomorrow is also not the place for you to settle down; it is only in this present moment that you can count on.

Your breath tells you that you are alive and well right now; taking a moment to be grateful and honored that you are still  here.