Fearful but Confident

When I think of fear I find myself tense and sad; full of all those negative ways that get me stuck, unable to move on

The stages of a painting grow with successes and failures

The stages of a painting grow with successes and failures

But when I think of confidence in myself I believe that there will always be some fear and I can move around it; sometimes even straight through the fearful event or fear that I will not succeed.
And what is success?
Success in a way is a period of time when you did something that brought you a smile; the task is complete, you finally made it through to the other side of the yin and the yang of life because everything has balance. Balance is that place in the middle of your inner soul where everything is blissful and in harmony.

Successful waves of energy

Success comes after many unsuccessful happenings that had the fear factor set just right.

If the success ladder is too high, your expectations may also be too high on the success ladder or too low and not enough energy was placed on the task you were trying to complete in a successful way.
Is it time for you to become more confident in what you can do instead of what you cannot?
You can stumble, fail, get up again and breath a sigh of relief that you tried whether unsuccessfully or full of the wonders of success at last.

Be still and listen to your inner soul letting you know what you may need to do in order to be successful. Remember that there will always be some fear in all of your successes and failures in life, but do not stop trying.