Wake up

It took me a very long time to wake up and begin to feel happiness and joy; allowing it into my life each day.

fun at the beach

Being by water can bring on feelings of joy, peace and harmony

I was always struggling with so very many things in life that made my path a struggle, and then I awakened to the thought, “What am I waiting for? When can I bring joy and happiness into my life?”

Find ways to do

You can think about all that you need to change in life, but what are you actually doing about it?

Doing is tougher than dreaming about  happiness because in order to be happy, you have to work at it every single day; leaving the past behind where those negative thoughts reside, and staying pleasantly in the present moment.

When you  stay in the present  you can then plan a step by step way of moving toward your goal in life with purpose and meaningful events every day.

Find something that you desire and have passion for to keep you focused on the end results that you want, need and may struggle with throughout the process but it brings you joy.

Take that thought with you each day to plant in the earth as you stand strong, centered, balanced and happily holding the positive moment in your mind.