Comforting Distance

I witnessed a seagull sitting on a rock so peaceful and still

Capturing moments in time

Capturing moments in time

The sky was blue with sparkles of orange and yellow as the sun set gently in the sky. I was amazed by the peaceful waters, so blue and quiet along with the seagulls flying above not making their usual child-like chattering sounds.

I wanted to get closer to the gull and I believe he noticed as I climbed gingerly over the sharp edges of the gray and black stepping stones that were not quite stepping stones but large rocks that were not easy to step on and keep my balance at the same time.

Somehow I understood that this gull knew me, and I would not be able to get too close because of my stumbling so he stood strong on his perch as I took his picture never wavering and not afraid of my distance to him as he continued to stand straight and tall; gazing at my efforts to capture his being with a camera.

Finally, I did over step my boundaries and he flew gently away without a sound; never looking back. But I looked up in the sky watching him; wondering if I would ever find a seagull who would let me come close.


People closeness

You may experience the same type of comforting distance with people you know who may not let you into their world. Sometimes you can  move toward them; slowly touching their comfort spot; moving closer and closer as days pass you by.

But sometimes people seem to keep you out for some reason; distancing themselves and putting up a emotional wall where nothing seems to go in or out. And this imbalance bothers you because you really want to get to know them better but you have to wait.

Staying Patient

Be where you can perch on a large rock; waiting for your loved one to come closer instead of you moving toward them. Become the friend who listens carefully and kindly; being patient and loving so that some day there will be a closeness without too much distance because some people need time and patience to be able to tell you how they are feeling in mind, body and spirit.