You were there with flowers

I thought that I was done with love; had been through the many struggles of trying hard to keep relationships running like a fine clock; listening for the ticking and checking each clicking sound as if  the clock would be able to tell me that it was running smoothly. Then I remembered that I will get whatever I put into loving times.  Giving and receiving are the same thing; offering love and harmony to strengthen loving times together.

Always remembering the thoughtful and smiling times in life

Stopping by a flower stand

Stopping by a flower stand

Jason wanted to surprise Dee so he took her to a place in the country. When she asked where they were going he would only say with a bright smile. “You will love this place.”

Dee awaited patiently, excited and feeling warm inside because she loved Jason and the playful ways he showed he cared. They rode through the country, up and down the  many  narrow roads passing through cow country and farmhouses while Dee took pictures of the beautiful countryside. The orange and bright yellow colors adorned the green grasses as they came up to a flower stand with autumn treasures. Jason said, “Pick as many as you want, some for yourself and others for your family.” Jason and Dee were able to return the excitement by surprising their family with  flowers so fresh and dear; placing them in vases for everyone to see when they arrived in the home they were sharing for a birthday party.

You can watch the simmering of new love, gazing at the exciting times and watching the depth of love with aging and the process  of knowing the person well.


You know those kind ways to love someone; finding simple things like giving and receiving beautiful flowers filled with loving glances and kisses.


Remember well those soft times when things  were perfect, and in the perfection you lost sight of yourself becoming one with your love, sinking into a blissful rest in each other’s arms; hanging on for another moment in time, waiting patiently.

But now you are past those blissful moments to the reality of a good, sound relationship that focuses on communication, giving a lot of yourself and perhaps the simmer is cooler than early on. This is the time for work, and hopefully you will realize that without much needed work on your relationship it may not last.

So you continue to remember daily  that giving and receiving are one.