Feeling blessed by the beauty of nature

Feeling blessed by the beauty of nature

A friend  of mine always talked about being blessed.


Every day she would pass me by in a hallway where we worked and tell me how blessed she was. At first I thought, “Why does she use this as a greeting to me every day, or is it something she tells everyone she passes throughout the day?” I never found out but I believe she really was blessed.

And I would always return with, “Yes Mary, I too feel blessed today, as in every day of my life.”
We returned this blessed state of mind daily for over 20 years and I would not have done it any differently because yes we are all blessed to be taking just one more breath in this very moment in time. We are also blessed by our daily routines that keep us steady and balanced, blessed by our ability to move; standing straight and tall, and blessed to be able to help others along the way through life’s many adventures.

Passing along meaningful times

Yesterday I was standing in line at a grocery store and an older woman with gray and white soft locks with a happy smile handed the cashier her money. She had a sparkle in her brown eyes that brought a smile to my face as I said hello. We exchanged greetings and when she passed by she waved at me.

I talked to the cashier about the beautiful days we have been having and then I looked down and saw some money on the floor. The sparkling gray lady was still at the counter packing away her food as I approached and said, “You must have dropped this money on the floor.” I handed her the few bills that I had found and she said, ” not sure it is my money, maybe it was there before I arrived.” I said, “Well, it does not matter, I would like to give it to you.” She graciously accepted saying, “You are the most honest person I  have met today. I am happy to meet you. I also had an encounter with a gentleman as I entered the store today who tipped his hat at me. I have not had a man do that in many years. You are too young to remember that men often did this as a greeting to others as they passed. It is a wonderful day for me, thank you.”

Passing along love

I felt like I passed along more than some money to someone, it was the passing of  love; not knowing the person but being willing to help them along. This awakening put things in perspective for me today as I get ready for my day; hoping that I can be there for someone else every single day of my life.

I feel blessed by the many events in my life.