Rhythm of the Wave

Finding your Rhythm

Finding your rhythm today through experiences that bring on a smile

Finding your rhythm today through experiences that bring on a smile


Every day I try my best to find the rhythm of my inner self.

You know that place where everything seems balanced and in harmony like nature.
But nature is not always harmonized; casting its thunder, rain, snow and icy ways or warm, sunny mellow days to the earth each and every day.



This balance of nature often gives us a good start to the day or not. On the not so sunny days perhaps it is more difficult to move about in a harmonious way or smile at first glace as the morning crests without its sunny yellow and orange waves of energy.

Water Scenes

Water seems more consistent in its natural ways.


Yesterday, I found myself  sitting with a friend for hours watching the waves of Lake Erie as it brought to us a rhythm in a balanced way. We sat like cats perched at a window gathering sunshine on our faces and only opening our eyes to make sure it was not a dream. “Pinch me,” I said with a grin wondering if I was cast into a dream where everything was sunny and nice all of the time.

From this experience at the lake, I brought to myself a feeling of rhythm and balance;finding my wave as I got up this morning, saying to myself, “I will be balanced today like the great waves of Lake Erie because balance in mind, body and spirit can be mine today if I follow a rhythm of a slow, deep breath, straightness in pose and a purposeful gait that brings a strong balance to each step I take. I am aware of how fragile this balance is, and will be aware throughout the day through some meditation or prayer; gazing on my perfect wave of life.

My spirit  takes notice of the rhythm as I listen to the rhythm of some classical music; waking me up to the slow and fast tones of life.

Find yourself

Find your perfect balance today.

Think carefully of the ways you can bring rhythm to each step you take; finding peace, harmony, love, happiness and joy.