Inner Voices

Listen to your inner voice as it tells you to move on or to stay in place

During the stages of painting a picture you have to know when to stop, take a step back and say, "It is complete."

During the stages of painting a picture you have to know when to stop, take a step back and say, “It is complete.”

It is good to listen to others’ advice, but the truth is, you are the one who needs to learn that your inner self can help you make decisions. When you begin to trust yourself, things will change for you as you feel more confident in each step toward wellness in mind, body and spirit.

You will begin to know that  place deep in your heart center where  things are doing well or not. Meditation and prayer can help you find that center where everything is still. The experience of an meditative flow toward your own spirit is wonderful as it creates a healing flow of warmth throughout your being.



Stop trying to manipulate everything to fit your needs and let things flow like a great waterfall as it spills and sprinkles blue water around you, waking you up to see the correct direction for you in this moment. Be kind to others but also be kind to yourself as you take time to discover creative moments that bring you direction.


Intuitive You

When you go with your intuitive being, things begin to change for you. You become that person you want to be who is stellar, confident and loving. You are that person who listens to what others have to say as they tell you of their plight in life because everyone has difficulties that need a helping hand.

Look around and listen to the warm breezes as they pass by you, sweeping away the dust and leaves. As the leaves scrap against the street you will find yourself listening to those tapping, slight noises of the brown, yellow and orange leaves, bouncing and flying as if to say we are here to let you know that autumn has found you. Smell the sweetness of the cinnamon-like air circling around and around telling everyone to make some changes.

In the autumn of your life, changes need to be made so that you are ready to move on to new challenges and adventures. Do something new; finding creative ways to express yourself or helping others who need to focus on their changes in life.