Thank You

Loving waves of happiness capture your heart and soul

Just like flowers., dance through life with love in your heart and soul

Just like flowers,  dance through life with love in your heart and soul

Sarah said with sparkling brown eyes, a large smile on her beautiful face and long flowing brown  curls bouncing about, “Yes, there really is romantic love that last forever and a day. That kind of love everyone speaks of in fairy tales and romance novels is real. It is just that people don’t believe the way they should. I know because I am experiencing it right now in this moment in time, and it is lasting for me and my love.”
Dee thought about it for a moment and then said in a soft tone, ” I think that sometimes people settle, believe that true love will never come so they settle for mediocre with less love than they desire and intended on having  because of things such as loneliness, and sometimes that is good and sometimes not so good but for myself I did have romance love early in life.

Young and naïve I thought it would last forever. I remember it well, those happy thoughts, those passionate waves of energy that caught me by surprise because I did not believe in happy ending fairy tales. But it was there, and maybe you only get there once in life so you better hold on tight, or maybe even hold on loosely so that the tender loving ways from the other person stay intact.”

No one really knows for sure how to keep the love that you find but someone must know because there are people who stay together forever with broken hearts so tender at the end that when one of them passes on to spirit, the other follows.

Finding love again

Recently I found you with that sparkle in your  glassy blue eyes that told me it was real.

And again after so very many years of living life without it, it was there; loving waves of energy crossing from me to you and back again like a flowing blue  river  slowly seeping through our paths, we moved toward each other.

It truly caught me by surprise that it was possible again. Wanting to stay together all the time, taking long walks by the lake in the moment, gazing at each other in loving waves. The connection beginning  and forming a loving bonding way sealed with many loving hugs, kisses and long embraces.

It truly is here for me. Having put my intention and desires about love on the back burner for so long has left me quite surprised that it could happen to me again but it has.

Thank you