Reflections of yourself

Reflections of life

Reflections of life

Lydia was a beautiful princess with blue eyes and long golden locks who lived in a castle near a pond so clear you could see the orange and white fish swimming at the bottom. A bench was nearby for Lydia to spend some silent moments to think and reflect on how happy she was in  in mind, body and spirit.







Lydia’s castle was made of glass and everywhere she would wander in the house she could see her reflection so she seemed to know how she felt each and every day.
” I am happy here, and my castle is so fine. I can see everything I need to see. I know when I am happy, and I know when I am sad. My reflection lets me know where I am every day.”
Because of the glass floor Lydia had to be very careful as she walked in her castle; barefoot she rose from bed each day knowing that she needed to tread quietly and softly as not to crack a single pane of glass. Lydia’s castle was a beautiful reflection of how everyone should live in the present moment; treading softly on the past and not focusing too much on the future where you cannot see your reflecting self.
“It is good to walk softly; helping with silence and balance in life. Everything seems perfect in my castle.”
Lydia was very bright and knew that reflecting on past events was not a good thing so she focused each day on how she would begin to accept her  present life full of softness and light; seeing an image of a happy person almost every day.
On days when Lydia was sad she would go outdoors to the blue pond; taking her list of things she desired in life. Sitting by the pond each day helped her to realize that maybe she was not as happy and joyful as she thought she was because at the pond she would  see her reflecting self; the self that knew she desired more. Lydia had many desires in life.

” I will put my desires into the light of day, focusing on where I want to be in mind, body and soul. First I will start with my body. Staying in that castle has made me quite plump. I need to take walks in the forest and perhaps meet someone to talk to; reflecting with to help my soul and read to each other, creating beautiful visions of love, hope and harmony.

Lydia wanted a challenge, so she traveled into the woods even though she had fears about wandering past her home so fine.  ” I need to get out of my comfort zone and find meaningful and purposeful things to do, ” thought Lydia as she walked strong and steady with her head up and shoulders back.

Lydia did meet a handsome prince named Justin who was on her desire list as the first and most meaningful thing to do.

He was a kind prince who had been wondering about his life alone and wandering without any direction for many years.

He felt lost but felt as if he was at the right place at the right time; meeting  Lydia put a sparkle in his blue eyes as he reached out for her hand, drawing her near to give her their first reflecting kiss.

It was love at first sight, and it grew like a tree; strong branches wrapping each other in reflective light, and the castle disappeared because there now was no need for past reflections, just present moment to moment living life well.

Other things on Lydia’s needs and desires list came to light giving her this new found ability to  understand life’s purpose, and how important giving is.

Because when you are a giver in life’s adventures, you will receive many gifts of love, kindness and caring waves of energy from others.