Bring on the happiness in your life; making it  stronger with some joyful moments that you create

Red and yellows capture the light from the sun bringing a joyful moment as you gaze

Red and yellows capture the light from the sun bringing a joyful moment as you gaze

Joy in  your life is what you need; finding its way to bring on a smile.
When you are joyful you can send those moments to others; passing it along like a soft breeze on a summer night.
I saw a boy with bright blue eyes and  a smile on his face as he told his story of dragons, princes and a princess who awaited her true love.

He questioned his teacher, “Does it really have to be true love or can it be just any love that brings people together?”
“No, ” said Ms. Flowers, “It must be true love, the kind of love that everyone is looking for. A special love that lasts forever because the two people put love in; flourishing the love like a wild flower growing tall, strong and steady. Just like a flower needs water and tending, so do people in order for love to become true love.”



As true love grows stronger, the bond created stays together if tended like flowers in a field wrapped around each other in a wondrous bliss of loving times. Romantic love blooms slowly like a red rose opening its tender petals, releasing beauty and softness that is strong yet fragile.

This fragile creation of loving waves of energy moves like a pendulum swinging slowly back and forth from one person in love to another.

As they smile at each other they tend to their task of taking care of themselves first with some self- love and then moving along the path in life to loving others with all of their heart.

And JOY comes to those who persist in working on the many ways to treat their partner with kindness, compassion and hope that things in life get better.