Beginning with you

Once again you begin

When you look at nature up close you know that everything is a meaningful event in your life

When you look at nature up close you know that everything is a meaningful event in your life

You begin by getting in touch with your soul; knowing  that  special place where everything centers and has a balance in your life; that is where you are right now.

You can feel spirit but you may ignore the deep feelings of loving ways. You say, “I am too busy to be still, quiet and soft. I just don’t have the time to begin each day in a meditative way.” But you know  that is where you should begin and today you will take that meditative walk in silence instead of rushing off.
You take that first slow, deep breath in through the nose and out through the mouth; a noisy breath of life because you know very well that everything begins and ends with the breath of life.




Thoughts crossing your mind’s eye
You begin to think about how you got to where you are; perhaps you are in that rushing mode of operation where you cannot remember where you put your keys, but then you dismiss that thought for thoughts of only your breath and slowing it down.
You know that meditative ways are helpful.
You know that when you become more positive, hopeful, loving and kind that it will be returned. So you begin…

New Beginnings
Gloria knew that calmness and peace comes to those who practice daily.

Spiritual thoughts whether they are through meditation or prayer are helpful in a positive, healing way. You can literally feel yourself slow down as you purposefully tell your soul that you want this time to just be, and spirit answers you as a soft breeze settles on your face, and you smile as your breath slows down and you finally find silence.

Meditative walking
Walking in a peaceful way through a wooden path where greens and yellows seem to never end and peace comes with its stillness and balance, Gloria had her ah-ha moment where she knew that this was the place to be.

It took many years of practice in a mindful way to bring about these loving and spiritual waves of energy that she could eventually moved toward others on her path with loving touches and hugs.

Gloria  continued because she knew that she could not bring her loving and healing ways to others unless she practiced this movement and stillness herself.
Moving toward the  quiet, still moments, leaving the past behind and not centering too much on the future, that is what keeps you centered, balanced and loving.
You will know when you are ready to practice healing ways on yourself. You will have an enlightened moment where you say, “Yes, I need to make some changes that will soften my mind, body and soul.”

The added benefit of becoming this soft, loving person is how wonderful it is to pass it along.