Powerful Energizing Ways

A friend brought me beautiful  flowers; orange, reds and yellows

Flowers and their energizing ways

Flowers and their energizing ways

Excited and gleaming I put the flowers in water right away to make sure that these fresh, fragile beautiful flowers will last a long time. I always tend to the freshness and perfection of flowers by  putting them into fresh, cold water, trimming, changing the water daily; clearing off the wilts; tending with love.

I am so very careful with my plants and flowers, making sure they are safe and cared for because I get the added benefit of seeing their beauty every single day of my life and I smile as I pass by. I have a plant given to me 27 years ago that is still  beautiful in a special way because I was given this plant the day my daughter was born.
Another plant was specially brought to me the day my mother passed to heaven. Today it sits by the window growing strong, reaching out to spirit, telling me that mom is doing well.
Maybe I should cherish my own self in mind, body and soul the way I tend to  my plants and flowers.
Do you take care of yourself , giving your spirit some powerful energizing ways?
Today I will try to take care of myself the way I gently treat my new flowers that sit so still on the table waiting for me.

Think of yourself in loving ways today; gathering some energy from your soul that puts a smile on your face and a bounce in your step, reminding you that you have to make life beautiful through self-care; mind, body and spirit.