Soft Waves of Energy Embrace My Many Moments

We walked by the lake collecting blue and green glass casting those flat stones into the lake watching them skip, feeling like a child again

We walked by the lake collecting blue and green glass, casting those flat stones into the lake, watching them skip on the stillness

I try to find my center each day; that place where everything is peaceful, in harmony and loving. It takes time to be at that place of softness where I see that some things in life are clear and some not, but the clear moments  grow as I age to a softness that I enjoy in moments of silence.


Soften yourself for others

I do not find those soft ways with others, they seem to be only reserved for me to find alone, but recently I found a new friend who brought me to a place with soft waves of kindness and harmony. There was a physical place we shared, the beach with its waves of thunder along with soft clearing stillness. We walked on the pebbles and soft sandy spots in bare feet; feeling everything beneath and above the soft yet hard lake’s edge.

We talked for hours and took each other back to times in life that seem insignificant until the very moment we spoke of them. There was a softness in his voice as he spoke on many stories of adventures and challenges in his life.


Standing Strong
He was strong, tall and soft with blue eyes that sparkled like the stars in the pitch black summers night as they cast their white bright lights to the earth.

His softness did not appear at first glance but it was there as I began to know the loving ways inside of him.
I never experienced a person with such a caring way; filled with positive energy that came around circling everything in a warm wave of kindness.
And when he walked away I knew he would be back filling the time we spend together with new stories to cherish as we become friends.

Cherish your friends and family; they are there to move you toward living life in soft moments of caring, sharing and loving life to its fullest.

Caring for yourself

When you cherish yourself, your confidence grows so very strong and people will be attracted to your strength, stamina and loving waves of positive energy. Self-love is always the first place to start when you want to bring on loving moments through the things you do for yourself and then for others. Do something special today; casting a smile at someone you do not know or  giving a hug to someone you do. Be happy with yourself and others will reap the benefits of your happy, loving waves of energy.