What if?

What if you had all the time in the world to accomplish every meaningful thing in life that your wanted to do?

Orange swaying flowers capturing light and darkness

Orange swaying flowers capturing light and darkness

What if every evening the dark sky appeared with bright stars hovering above just for you?

What if you are stuck in the moment right now traveling down a road you do not want to be on?

And what if you are stuck there forever; in a limbo of sort where happiness is just a glimmering star in the night sky?

Walking in Darkness
I was walking in the darkness a few days ago with a friend and as we both looked up at the sky we noticed how the black contrasted the lighted stars. So precious of a moment, it reminded me of my youth; catching some fire flies as a fire simmered slowly in the outdoor fire pit where we sat during the summer months.

The sweet, woody smell of the crackling fire was always there in the night time; so frequently we watched the lake, the fire, and each other. Surrounded by the end of the day talk with  scary stories told by my neighborhood friends and our fathers who would hide in the darkness to scare us.

Darkness rises to light

Sometimes I feel like I am in the darkness and then I do something very meaningful like paint a picture of brightness and love. Beautiful orange flowers simmering through green leafy blades of grass cover my canvas. When I gaze at my creation the next day I notice that this accomplishment has helped me get through the long days and short nights of the approaching cooler months where the bright orange and yellow leaves  dry and crackle under my toes as I walk.