What do you see as impossible in your life right now?

Sit on the edge and take that perfect picture

Sit on the edge and take that perfect picture

Do you feel you have limits in your mind, body and soul that are keeping you from some positive changes?
Try to reach each avenue of your many selves today; physically stretching yourself to whatever limits you find; riding a bike, running instead of walking.
Today you will challenge yourself. People will notice how strong you are; stretching yourself to the sky; shoulders back, head straight with a smile on your face.

A stretch for your mind today

Do something extreme that you have not done before. Read a challenging book; focusing on the re-read to learn more.




Emotional Stretching

Cry today.

Cry all you want; purging those difficulties from your past and realizing that emotions are good; a part of you that needs to strengthen; being soft yet strong at the same time.

Soulful Waves

Create new soulful ways to reach someone today who may need your touch; a pat on the back, a warm embrace.

Fall and get up one more time

Failure is just like success, except you keep re-doing it until you are successful in your attempt to strengthen you mind, body and soul.

Your goal may be a successful life with happiness and love but leading up to that goal, you will fall down, be unsuccessful and at times unhappy. Accept it.