Healing time

Even weeds can be beautiful Even weeds can be beautiful


Healing waves of energy

As you go through some healing times remember that weeds can be beautiful. Those wild, stringy green and white weeds flow beautifully in front of you while walking your path for the day.

It is beauty on the outside that seems to capture most people but what about the inside of a loving and kind person who gives to you in many healing ways?

Do not overlook things in life that may give you much pleasure?

Make sure that while you are looking at beautiful scenes that you also look at the weeds; carefully checking to find soulful and healing waves of energy as you pass them by. The weeds sway and flow gracefully just like the beautiful flowers; pinks, reds and blues that gracefully adorn your garden.


Think about why nature captures your breath next time you watch a sunrise or sunset. Remember that each day that passes by is unique; relying on you to seek out the beauty of a warm summer’s day.

Slowly bring about healing

Heal slowly; seeking out new and challenging adventures to put life back into your step.

Do allow yourself time for grief after a loss but do not spend too much time on the past; ruminating on what could have been. Stay in the present where the weeds look like flowers and the friends have deep soulful ways that comfort you.