Awaken and breathe

Come and sit down just for a moment to breathe in wonder and breathe out peace

Come and sit down just for a moment to breathe in wonder and breathe out peace

The closeness of family and friends

As you move through life you will find that your spirit sours when you are around people that you love and care about. You can feel the presence of those who are spirit now; holding you near when you need them.

Positive Awakenings

In the midst of a busy life, find time for the people you care about; keeping those close ties that never unbind.

Need and want to be around those positive people that guide you toward a balanced being.

And when one door closes in your life, you see clearly to the next one because that optimistic view you have created helps you to move on to better things in life.

Allow yourself to cherish both the good and the bad in life, remembering that analyzing some of the things you could have done differently will not help your right now.

The best advice I have ever received about life is. “turn the page.” Vickie said to me with a grin and sparkle to her large brown eyes.

Sometimes in life we do not have choice, sometimes we do. When you do, make those changes that help you along the way. When you do not have choice, hold on to that too, and take a look  but not too long because letting go feels so much better.

Release those things you cannot change to the Universe, raising your arms in praise of this new found ability to see clearly and let go.

Today is the only day you need to concentrate on; awakening to this  moment where you take a deep breath and let  it out slowly.

Then you realize that you have the time to gather some positive moments one by one just like collecting pieces of colored glass; blues, yellows and pinks at the beach with sand between your toes.

One by one you gather your optimism, creating wonder in your life.